PHYTOGENEX is a results-driven nutraceutical company focused on the research and development of innovative and effective herbal and nutritional supplements.

Much of our focus is geared towards discovering new and exciting health products with innovative delivery systems and effective formulations to help prevent and/or alleviate common and not so common diseases.

The last couple of decades witnessed phenomenal increase in Nutraceutical use worldwide. Today, Nutraceutical is over a US$80 billion market with an ever increasing usage trend both at prescription & OTC levels. The reasons for this extraordinary growth are:

  • Academic institutions & laboratories conducting large-scale protocol controlled studies to validate the benefits of Nutraceutical.
  • Standardization of therapeutic dosages & forms besides establishment of appropriate indications, enabling doctors to make better use of Nutraceutical.
  • Availability of well-documented & published clinical data authenticating efficacy & safety of Nutraceutical.
  • Increased preference for Nutraceutical in developed countries like USA , Canada , England , Germany & Japan.
  • High Profile, research-oriented companies shifting their focus to Nutraceutical.
  • Growing concern for long-term safety of patients.
  • An earlier onset of diseases requiring a longer period of disease management compelling doctors to consider safer options for their patients.
  • Focus shifting towards preventive health management.


 The Main Benefits of Nutraceutical

1. Safety and tolerability: Being of natural source and studied in large scale post-marketing surveillance has been able to establish noticeable safety and tolerability by consumers.

2. Evidence-based efficacy: Published data in reputed medical journals authenticating efficacy of Nutraceutical.

3. Stimulates the body’s immune system: Herbs promote the body’s natural immune system to fight against disease states.

4. Preventive effect: Strengthening immune system helps provide prevention from different disease states.

5. Normalizes body functions: Herbs regulate and tone the glands to function normally.

6. Raises the energy level of the body: Allows the body to have extra energy to heal itself.